Research Highlights

Click on the images below for some open-access writing samples or links to articles. My recent work has centred on the relationship between digital media writing and feelings. You can find my complete list on my CV.

Logo of journal College English

College English: Theorizing Rhetorical-Affective Workflows

Map of the United States

enculturation: Mapping Climate
Change Rhetorics

Venn diagram depicting the words Feeling Rules, Student-Athletes, and Affective Publics

Present Tense: Pressurized
Rhetorical Bodies

Composite image of two kids in a car and a yellow bird

enculturation: The Needle
and the Bird

Kairos: Canadian Mixtape:
Sounding Out Digital Authoring

Publishers Weekly: New York Comic
Con Reinvents Itself


Get in touch anytime. I'm always open to questions about writing projects, teaching approaches, and research practices. You can also find me on Twitter or email me at rshivener[a]gmail[dot]com